Infusing life with great health

If it takes one person with vision to change the world, just think how much good could be achieved with a committed group of companies. Established in 1981, DNG takes an active role in enhancing the quality of life around the globe through generic pharmaceutical products, traditional herbal medicine, cosmetics, health food and foliar fertilizers. Aside from our own brands, we also handle OEM and ODM product requests.


Quality is ingrained into our manufacturing practices. Our facilities are also accredited with the cGLP (current Good Laboratory Practices) and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). We have the rare distinction of being of the first few manufacturers in Malaysia to receive the cGMP certification. Research and testing are conducted in-house by our modern laboratories to ensure the quality of raw materials and finished products. For several of our subsidiaries, we even have our own farms to provide ingredients needed for pharmaceuticals and traditional herbal preparations.

Our reputation for excellence has drawn customers from all over to world and the list is growing. Among the countries we serve are Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Brunei, Myanmar, Macau, Hong Kong, Papau New Guinea, Fiji Islands, Tanzania and USA.