Dynapharmlab Associate Sdn. Bhd.
200601011972 (731722-P)

Incorporated in 2003 as a member of the DNG Group, Dynapharmlab Associate specialises in the manufacture, development and marketing of foliar fertilisers.

Dynapharmlab Associate supplies foliar fertilisers primarily for use in the cultivation of fruit trees, vegetables, cereals, seedlings and horticultural crops. All fertilisers produced by the company are professionally formulated to provide solutions for growth problems caused by lack of nutrients, high or low pH soils, poor soil structure, water retention capacity and other factors.


Following encouraging results in commercial experimental plots, Dynapharmlab Associate is expanding its market to agricultural sectors both within Malaysia and abroad. In so doing, the company sets for itself the mission of delivering high quality fertilisers to help agricultural cultivators boost their returns through the promotion of higher yields at lower costs.